Recursive Workflow, Recursive Reminders

Manual Workflows  of Microsoft CRM 3 can be called recursively to achieve some new possibilities. Recursive Reminders are one of them.
If requirement is something like this that send reminder, if opportunity is open even after 7 days of its creation date. Ok. No problem. It can be easily developed. But if it is also added in the requirment that keep reminding after every 7 days if opportunity is open, than stop, we have to think.

There is a solution, a very simple one, create a recursive manual workflow.

You will need to create two workflows. One manual WF and another one on Create event for the sole purpose of calling the manual workflow.
Let’s first create manual workflow.



Note: If current WF is not saved than its name will not appear in the list of the sub processes. You will once need to save the manual WF and than open it again to add the action of calling sub process.

Now you need to create another WF on Create event of the Opportunity in which you will just call the manual WF.


Remember to activate both the workflows. Your reminders are working now.


Thoughts about questions and answers in newsgroups

Few days back, i had a little discussion with Michael Hohne ( (btw, if you don’t know Michael than you have never searched on the web on Mirosoft CRM)

Do visit his website for the basic guidline for the solution providers on different forums & newsgroups;

How to change the default entity in LOOKUP window?

For instance, in Opportunity form of Microsoft CRM you want to change the “Potential Customer” field’s default entity from Account to Contact. You need to use the following piece of code in onLoad event of the Opportunity Form.

if ( crmForm.all.customerid != null )
    crmForm.all.customerid .setAttribute(”defaulttype”, “2″);

Remember to enable the event and then save and publish the opportunity entity.

 Following are codes of basic entities of Microsoft CRM 3 ;

  • Account    1
  • Contact     2
  • Lead         4